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People always talk about selling their souls to the Devil. You really think the Devil has time for all those petty transactions? No, you don't deal directly with him, or even one of the upper management demons.

You deal with me. I'm a just a saleswoman, but I'm good at sealing the deal (with a kiss), and I enjoy the hell out of my work.

For the sake of clarification, this is the demon who appears in the episodes “Crossroad Blues,” “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II,” and “Bedtime Stories,” and played by Jeannette Sousa, Ona Grauer, and Sandra McCoy. She's fond of appearing as young woman with brown hair and a little black dress. She changes hosts quite frequently, and may look nothing like she did on her last visit to the bar. (If your pup is recognizing the inner demon, not the outer packaging, that never changes.)

She calls herself "Verity." Other people may have other, less pleasant, names for her.

The Crossroads Demon is from Supernatural, and is the property of Eric Kripke, the CW, and so on. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. And while it should go without saying . . . just to be clear, the character does and says and approves of a lot of things the mun does not.

As of July 2010 and this thread, this character is retired.

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